Tips for Developers

  • What if the packshot is outdated or incorrect?

    The healthcare professional can use the feedback button on the product page to request new images. 

  • How do I select the products my client wants to publish on the webshop?

    Products can be selected based on several criteria. By asking the client to make a choice based on a combination of brands, manufacturers and categories instead of product reference numbers, the product feed will be dynamic, rather than static.  For example: new products of the Avène brand will automatically be added if that brand was selected.

  • What if the product package has changed?

    As soon as we receive the information that the product package has changed, our photography department has new packshots made. If the products are not available, the manufacturer is contacted.

  • How often is the product information updated? How often do I need to synchronise?

    We update product information on a daily basis. 

  • How much time does it take Medipim to treat a product update and make the update available online?

    As soon as we receive a modification or update via our sources, we import the new data. Once the import is finished, the new data is immediately visible online and available via the API.

  • How do I get access to the product data?

    Thanks to the extensive API, the database can be integrated in any open or closed platform, such as a web shop, website or app. The only condition for using Medipim is that your customer is a healthcare professional. You will receive the key to the API as soon as your customer subscribes. 

  • Can I test the Medipim API before my customer subscribes?

    We cannot grant you access before your customer takes a subscription. However, you do have access to the technical documentation and you can also request a limited test account to get access to the frontend of the platform. That will help you understand how to link the API to your solution.

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