What is Medipim?

The most comprehensive online database of medicinal, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetic products, exclusively for medical professionals. Integrate and use our product images and documentation in all your applications.

  • Currently contains information for around 150,000 standard articles such as medicinal, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetic products.
  • The Medipim platform is updated daily. The collection and supplementation of data from various medical sources make it the most comprehensive database in Belgium.
  • Medipim is integrated with webshops, apps, robots, and touchscreens via the API.

The platform

Integrate Medipim into all your applications

  • More than 160,000 active products with reference codes such as EAN, CNK and GTIN.
  • Over 150 000 images: packshots, product shots, lifestyle images, brochures and videos
  • Descriptions: general description, indication, use, composition,...
  • Patient-friendly categorisation
  • Additional information such as: price, weight, dimensions and more.

    Medipim is an initiative of

    Febelco is the largest medical wholesaler in Belgium and supplies nearly all medicines and health products. A permanent photo studio for Medipim's image material has been set up in Febelco's warehouse.

    MediPlanet – PharmaPlanet supplies information to more than 30,000 doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, and other health professionals every day. MWS uses its know-how and network within the medical sector to enhance the Medipim platform.

    Baldwin is a full-service e-commerce agency that has developed more than 100 webshops. Baldwin’s developers have designed the platform and the API to integrate with any open and closed platform.