Medipim, your infinite source of digital content.

A comprehensive database of pharmaceutical images and product information, updated automatically via a powerful API. Medipim is the link between developers and
healthcare professionals.

A comprehensive pharmaceutical database

  • The database contains pictures and product information of all Belgian medicines, parapharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Thanks to the API, the data can be integrated in any solution that requires up-to-date images and product information.
  • Discover all available fields and endpoints in our technical documentation.

Updated every day

The Medipim platform is updated daily. Thanks to the collection and uniformisation of data from various medical sources, it is the most comprehensive database in Belgium.

  • More than 160,000 active products with reference codes such as EAN, CNK and GTIN.
  • Over 150 000 images: packshots, product shots, lifestyle images, brochures and videos
  • Descriptions: general description, indication, use, composition,...
  • Patient-friendly categorisation
  • Additional information such as: price, weight, dimensions and more.

    Custom solutions

    Are you developing an e-commerce platform? Choose the number of products you want to integrate and the corresponding custom solution subscription.

    Our special partner subscriptions are for website developers who specifically target pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Do you wish to become a partner? Send your request to We’ll get in touch as soon as possible.