Medical Product Information Manager

The ultimate online database for medical professionals. Access comprehensive information on medicinal, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. Seamlessly integrate our images and product information into your applications.

How to use Medipim?

Explore the professional functionality of Medipim, the leading online database for healthcare professionals and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector.

Easily retrieve vital information on medications and cosmetics, including packshots, product shots, and lifestyle images. Our robust API seamlessly synchronizes product data across your online platforms, touchscreens, vending machines, and apps. Streamline operations and provide an exceptional user experience with Medipim's cutting-edge integration capabilities. 

Unleash the power of Medipim and enhance your pharmaceutical endeavors today.

Who is Medipim for?

For pharmacists

Look up pictures and information of pharmaceutical products to better serve your patients.

Automatically feed the data into your digital channels: integrate images and descriptions into your online pharmacies, applications, vending machines and touchscreens.

For developers

An extensive database of images and pharmaceutical product information automatically updated through an API.

Ideal for software developers, online pharmacies, shopping platforms, and manufacturers of touch screens and robots.

For manufacturers

Manage your own product portfolio and share your information directly with pharmacists.

Thanks to the API connection, your visuals and descriptions are automatically distributed to online pharmacies, applications, and touchscreens.

Medipim, your infinite source of digital content

The platform

The Medipim platform undergoes daily updates, ensuring that it remains the most comprehensive database in Europe for images and descriptions of Rx drugs, OTC products, cosmetics, and medical devices. By collecting and standardizing data from diverse medical sources, Medipim offers a wealth of information, making it a trusted resource in the industry.

  • National and international reference codes such as EAN, GTIN, PZN, ACL13, CIP13, CNK, CN...
  • Various media files: packshots, product shots, lifestyle images, brochures and videos
  • Descriptions: general description, indication, use, composition,...
  • Patient-friendly categorisation
  • International classification system ATC
  • Logistic information such as: price, weight, dimensions and more.